Strathkinness Community Council


History of Strathkinness village

Now in a pdf file

Nelda Seed wrote an excellent history of the village which was published in 1986. Mrs Seed has given her permission for a new scan of the book to be made into Portable Document Format which is read by Adobe Reader. Download the whole book by clicking here. The size of the file is about 77 megabytes so that it will usually take about one and a half minutes to download. It can then be loaded into Adobe reader and saved, so that it does not have to be downloaded again. Links have been placed on the Contents page (page 4 in the file) so that clicking here will take you to the appropriate section of the book. The book displays very well in an iPad and it can also be copied into a Kindle where it is easy to read with the display set to landscape and the text size set to ‘Fit to Width’.

Strathkinness in 1855  Below is a 3d representation of the village taken from the Ordnance Survey map of 1855.  It was prepared by Mr David Waugh.